Written by webmatic on May 13, 2019 in Consumable Corporate news TPMS
  1. Autopromotec 2019 will be a showcase of important novelties for Italmatic who, also in this edition, introduces in preview a series of novelties to allow its own distribution net to offer a wider and wider and complete service to tyre shops, garages and dealers with a very wide and articulated range of products. “In ocasion of the new date in Bologna, we will introduce our new catalogue n. 23 dedicated completely to our range of consumbales for tyre shops and to our range of TPMS products, incorporated in one only volume of over 280 pages, result of an intense activity of continuous research, selection of new products and development of a wider and wider offer. All this to assure Customers one only source of supply for all needs of consumables and TPMS, giving a 360° service and consolidating in such a way our leadership in the market, continuing to be the reference point for tyre handling” says Paolo Pretolani. In details, the main novelty is the new generation of universal TPMS sensor Italsensor 3.0evo, characterized by extreme speed in configuration, practicable in only 1-3 seconds, by max. coverate of circulating car fleet, over 99% and by the exclusive functionality SmartTouch NFC using the same technology of credit cards, allowing the configuration without interferences in milliseconds. Among other products of the range, also the production of balancing weights boasts the insertion of new models, in particular balancing weights characterized by adhesive tape with facilitated removal of liner, grey and black coating painting to get adapted to more and more different colours of alloy rims present in the market. As regards the dynamic balancing of truck wheels, a new exclusive balancing system was introduced with an innovative EPDM granulate. Attention must be reserved also to the inclusion in the program of various service equipment like a new range of cages for safety inflation of tyres, portable bead insertion devices, pneumatic tools and screwers, equipment for tyre inspection for their reparation and, finally, trolleys and lifters for tyres and complete wheels. As regards lifting, besides a few new ultra-light models in aluminum, also a new series of high range oil pneumatic lifters, specific for professional applications on heavy transport and work means, is now part of the already varied previous assortment of hydraulic jacks. Focus of Italmatic also a whole series of products dedicated to motorcycle tyre service. Now the range includes also motorcycle bridges, front and back stands for any requirements and many products selected on purpose for this field, including dedicated TPMS sensors. Finally, to completion, a whole series of products dedicated to every single phase of the tyre shop activity amont which wheels disassembling, with mounting pastes, specific tools and levers, inflation, with manometers and special inflators, repairing, with radial and conventional patches, care and maintenance and stocking, with tyre polish, tyre bags and marking labels. “Maximum importance and attention have been reserved, for some time, to the creation of a characteristic image of our products, giving particular care to colours of packaging of all items with our brand, which must be immediately recognized and connected to our company through the valorization of Italmatic brand as a quality product. In fact all products of highest consumption, from balancing weights, to snap-in valves, repairing material, mounting paste up to TPMS sensors, are presented under one only distinctive dress.”, adds Pretolani. “The new catalogue also has a reorganized positioning of products inside it on the base of every single phase of work, also to make it more easily accessible and to allow an immediate finding of each product searched.”