Italmatic offer and specialized competences include:

  • Design, engineering and construction of machines and complete turn-key plants to produce retreaded tyresi, for all types (tyres for cars, truck, OTR, aircraft, etc. etc.): inspection machines for tyres, spreaders for tyres; buffing machines for tyres; builders and extruders for tyres; machines to retread tyres by cold system; presses for tyres; moulds for tyres; autoclaves, etc. etc.
  • Design, engineering and construction of Autoclaves of all sizes for all applications: Autoclaves for rubber and tyres; autoclaves for stratified glass; autoclaves for plastic materials; autoclaves for composite materials (ex. aerospace, automotive, naval, chemical, building, sport, etc.).
  • Design, engineering and construction of turn-key plants and machines to produce new and retreaded solid tyres for forklifts;
  • Design, engineering and construction of turn-key plants to rubberize all types of cylinders;
  • Production of rasps and buffing blades for tyres, carbide wheels for tyre retreading, portable extruders for tyre repairing and all accessories and instruments for the execution of the tyre retreading process: buffing blades; carbide wheels; rollers; envelopes; curing bladders; accessories for presses; accessories for autoclaves, etc.
  • Production of balancing weights for wheels of cars, trucks, motorcycles; adhesive and clip models; zinc balancing weights for wheels; steel balancing weights for wheels; lead balancing weights for wheels; steel adhesive weights; clip balancing weights; coated balancing weights; uncoated balancing weights.
  • TPMS: distribution of a complete range of original and universal sensors for pressure control (TPMS) (Italsensor, Schrader Electronics, Huf, VDO, Cub, Alligator); instruments for diagnosis and programming of sensors (Bartec, Ateq, Tecnomotor); service kits to run the ordinary maintenance (original and compatible); mechanical instruments for mounting/demounting; other accessories and consumables; theorical and practical training; services with added value.
  • Marketing of most prestigeous brands of consumables and accessories and equipment for tyre repairing, tyre maintenance, tyre mounting, tyre care: bottle and trolley jacks; rubber pads for platforms; groovers for tyres; tyre inflators; instruments for tyre pressure measuring; impact sockets and impact wrenches; rubber valves for tyres; metal valves for tyres; TPMS valves and sensors for tyres; instruments to mount balancing weights; levers for tyres; patches for tyre and air tubes repairing; chemical products for tyre repairing; paste and grease for tyre mounting; Tigre Michelin grease; Patch Rubber repair material; Schrader repair material.
  • Production of solid tyres for forklifts with Comfort ® brand and presses to mount/demount solid tyres from rims.
  • Design, engineering and production of turn-key plants and machines to produce precured tread bands for tyre retreading by cold system;
  • Turn-key plants for the production of balancing weights;
  • Maintenance, training, after sale services;

Know How for formulations of rubber compounds for the production of solid tyres and for cylinders rubberizing.