Written by webmatic on September 25, 2016 in Consumable

It is always Italmatic focus and commitment to offer the best quality at great prices, for the whole products portfolio.

We are glad to launch a new range of tyre mounting paste characterized by High Performances and by extremely high number of tyre sets which can be mounted with one single bucket.

All products in the range are fully reviewed in the formulation of the product and new variants have been also introduced:

  • Standard Slip: best price & quality ratio, for professional usage, freezing -10°C
  • Extra Slip; premium quality, incredible performance, freezing below -15°C
  • Ghost Slip: innovative fully transparent paste. No need to clean tyre bead or rim after application! Specifically studied to meet needs of industrial tyre fitters.
  • Gold Plus+ grease: premium quality grease with innovative formulation, studied for truck tyre specialists.

The Italmatic tyre mounting paste and grease do not dry easily, even after several weeks the buckets remain open.

The product is Made in Germany and the formulations are based on components approved for pharma / skin care application which makes a great difference compared to other similar products.