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Date: December 9th – December 12th 2019

Description and aims of the Event

This International Meeting mainly supported by the Company Italmatic and also by several other public and private entities aims at reviewing the perspectives of fruitful Italo-Russian interactions and scientific-industrial partnerships related with the Technological Transfer in the fields of Aero-Space Industry, both for commercial and Fundamental Science Ventures, of Composite Material Production and Applications, of High Vacuum Technologies and still of more innovative issues relevant both to Private Industry and to Mega Science Projects. The emphasis is on the relevance of close ties between Fundamental Science, Theoretical and Mathematical Sciences being integral part of the landscape, and the world of High-Tech Companies. Most of the talks included in the Program have a close connection with Italo-Russian Research Projects already in progress or about to be started. In particular several discussed topics are connected with the Italian contribution to the SIRIUS Project conducted at IBMP in Moscow, with life-science experiments conducted by Italo-Russian collaborations at the JINR in Dubna, with past and future Italo-Russian Fundamental Physics experiments in space and with JINR-INFN activities in the framework of the General Agreement signed in Moscow in 2017 at the presence of  the Italian Head of State Mattarella.