Written by webmatic on May 13, 2019 in TPMS

Italmatic launches the new universal tpms generation Italsensor 3.0evo to raise the standards in the tpms after-market industry.

The new sensor adopts innovative technologies to bring the highest value to professional workshops as well as wide scale tyre fitting players, through Italmatic end-to-end industrial solutions.

Italsensor 3.0evo integrates three different programming techniques in the same product:

  • it is configurable in approx 3 seconds (protocols are already stored in the sensor memory);
  • it is programmable in a traditional way, approx 20 seconds, never becoming obsolete when new protocols are released;
  • it is Fit&Go (ready to install without programming) for Mercedes Daimler and Bmw selected list of vehicles.

The sensor is programmable through most popular tools, such as Ateq VT56.

The exclusive SmartTouch feature planned for release during Autumn 2019 will make the italsensor 3.0evo programmable in milliseconds through Android and Windows smartphones as well as through the Italsensor SmartTouch PAD. The SmartTouch feature adopts the NFC technology, the same used for credit cards. It is the best feature for industrial players, because sensor can be flashed in milliseconds without risk of interferences with other sensors nearby.

The Italsensor 3.0evo is available in combination of three different type of valves already assembled, with fix angle 15°: rubber, aluminium silver and aluminium black

The sensor is packed in individual boxes and master boxes of 30 pcs, or alternatively in bulk cartons 120 pcs for industrial usage.

Thanks to the great coverage (99%) italsensor 3.0evo is the perfect solution for after-market replacement for the majority of vehicles in the current European park of vehicles.